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CBF Ļ-KO Ltd. does the construction works during the whole year. When the asphalting works are done, different kinds of asphalting and concrete compounds types are used. During summer time asphalting is done using dry compounds, but road repairs during winter are done using cold asphalting. Works are done in time limits according to employer’s requirements and according to all technological norms, EU and local standards, in high quality and including guarantee.

Full set of works when asphalting cover is done:

«Ļ-KO» in high quality does earth works, digging of trench, vertical design and soil removal.

To provide works and services mentioned above, the company has all necessary specific technique:

CBF Ļ-KO Ltd. has taken part many times in construction of roads in Latvia and improvement of territory. Additionally company constantly is involved in road improvement tenders that are organised by private employers, municipalities, company “Latvijas Valsts Ceļi” and other city councils in Latvia.