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CBS Ļ-KO Ltd. was established in May 16th, 1994. Starting from the first day, the company carry out new and unknown activities that are connected with placing of temporary traffic signs. Because of the assimilation of experience the company was able to supply services in time in high quality, based on that it grew and expanded. Step by step increased also number of workers, their qualification, increased volume of cars and equipment, and the company also purchased new road equipment.

The company decided to start new activities –road asphalting and car service, mainly this decision was taken based on successful working results in 1998. Construction of roads and asphalting works is the main working field of the company now. CBF Ļ-KO Ltd. is one of the leading companies in Latvia market now among the companies that provides road construction works.

The company CBF Ļ-KO Ltd. successfully provides full set of road repairs and construction:

  • Asphalting works in high quality for any kind of roads;
  • Does placement of border stones, flagstones for pavement, improvement of territory etc

CBF Ļ-KO Ltd. has necessary licences and certificates that are required for EU and Republic of Latvia, also road car park and highly qualified personnel. Therefore the company can provide execution of the agreement in time and quality and also provides improvement of the road territory and efficient work including guarantees.

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