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One of the main kinds of CBF Ļ-KO Ltd. traffic organisation kinds is preparation of project documentation. Technical department of the company design and modernise schemes and projects for location of technique and regulation of communication projects as well as in employer’s road making plans. Documentation is prepared by program AUTOCAD. Projects that are ready are approved in the following companies: “Latvijas Valsts Ceļi”, Riga City council traffic department, “Rīgas satiksme”.

CBF Ļ-KO Ltd. more that ten years provides services connected with placement and regulation of traffic signs, traffic lights, pointers, and information panel also other hardware preparation and production. CBF Ļ-KO Ltd. as the first company in Latvia started to produce plastic traffic signs. Based on nowadays technology and using high quality materials and modern silk graphic equipment, that is used together with company’s “3M” light reflective polyethylene (engineers, commercial, high-intensive, diamond’s) it was possible to reach high quality of produced production. Producing and placement of traffic signs are done according to EU and local standards and requirements. Using of high quality materials allows increasing effectiveness of traffic organisation and safety on the roads and also prolong time during the production is used and decreases the costs for maintenance.

Currently it is possible to produce all kinds and types of traffic signs and also individual design signs. The main target of the sign is to give ‘visible (understandable) information on the road. They should be well visible, but should not sidetrack attention for drivers. Materials used in production of traffic sign should be according to safety requirements and resistant to aggressive environment influence.

Kinds of placement of traffic signs:

Fencing works for the territory where road works are done:

The main element in traffic organisation is placement of traffic lights. “L-KO” Ltd. provides services of placement of temporary and stationary traffic lights. In temporary placement there is included design of traffic light working regime, approve of place and working time and afterwards dismantling of traffic lights. In stationary placement of traffic light there is included preparation of technical design and approve of that in all authorities, installation of communication, placement of basic construction, as well as montage and commissioning.

During placement of traffic signs and traffic lights, the specialised transport is used.